In June ’22, this FB post and comments prompted me to outline a project and start a conversation about a new pinball ranking system for the PNW and beyond.

My intention was to get a crew together to launch a trial system for 2023. I’ve unfortunately been pulled away from this project by life circumstances, but I wanted to leave the project outline and associated discord server up if anyone has any desire to continue the discussion in the future. The door is open!

– Algird

FLIP Syndicate

Working org name: FLIP Syndicate
Friendly Linked Interregional Pinball Syndicate

Syndicate Definition
Syndicalism Definition

Mission: FLIP Syndicate exists to develop and promote a grassroots regionally-focused pinball ranking system, the FLIP Rankings, based on the principles of community, equity & inclusivity.

Ranking systems provide context and meaning to our competitive play beyond the wins and losses of individual tournaments. FLIP Syndicate aims to build a ranking system rooted in the interests all competitive pinballers, from experienced to casual, and that supports local pinball communities to thrive and develop their own unique identities. 

The mechanics of the FLIP ranking system will be determined by based on feedback from the pinball community, AKA you! We look to a beta release in the Cascadia region (WA, OR, ID?) in 2023. We hope to expand to other regions as popularity and interest of the Syndicate grows. We imagine each new region as semi-independent, with teams of local pinballers overseeing and promoting the FLIP Rankings in their region.

Once enough regions have been formed (TBD), we will likely look to establish criteria for a national or continental ranking. It is possible that a comprehensive world-wide ranking system falls outside of the mission of FLIP Syndicate, but that remains to be seen.


  • Right now:
    • Brainstorming, ideas, anything is possible!
  • Thru end of 2022:
    • Develop beta ranking rules, website, and promote the new system
  • 2023:
    • Begin v0.1 Cascadia rankings, work out kinks, and scout new regional leadership
  • 2024:
    • v0.2 multi-region rankings, roll out additional regions and possible national/continental rankings

NOTE: FLIP Syndicate aims to provide an alternative to pre-existing systems (such as IFPA) and distinguish itself as a unique organization with different values and goals. We implicitly support other organizations that try to grow the pinball hobby in healthy and positive ways.

The FLIP Syndicate concept was conceived in July 2022. Cascadia Pinball claims ownership of the names FLIP Syndicate, FLIP Rankings, Friendly Linked Interregional Pinball Syndicate, and any related names or organization.

FLIP Syndicate Key Values
Locally/Regionally Focused

Interim logo (not really), courtesy of B.W. from Kitsap